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Men's Leather jacket

Men's Leather jacket
Model: NNXTJ010
Leather Jacket in Bangalore - Leatherclue Product Info Score a dapper look this season with this leather jacket. It is a wear-anywhere piece that has been created using original leather to keep you comfortably warm. Meant to last a lifetime, this jacket will make you look smart no matter wha..
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A Perfect Gift: Men’s Leather Jackets

Ladies and Gentlemen, Buying a gift for someone are Difficult, Gifting a Man something is Impossible. Right?

No, We at Leatherclue have managed to solve this Puzzle for you ladies.  We bring to you the Perfect Gift and the Perfect Accessory for a Man.

Men's Leather Jackets : 

  • A Man Wearing a Leatherclue Leather Jacket not only looks chic and Classy but is also more comfortable.
  • Buying Men's leather jackets Online is Scary. Fear not, Leather Clue Is here to your rescue. Now before buying a Leather Jacket especially on online, you must look for the following specifications.
  • We at Leatherclue bring for you the best choices in : 
  1. Style - Wearing a Jacket, Especially a Leather jacket will obviously dominate a Man’s Style.
    • We at Leatherclue try to provide a wide range and variety of choices.
    • We have bomber jackets for the more recent and Modern looks.
    • Biker Jackets: Leatherclue also brings Biker Jackets for the Riders and those who prefer the stylish timeless appeal Mock Collar Jackets. Now, these are the entire rave these days. Mock colors make a Man look Classy but not overtly Vulgar.
    • Casual Jackets for daily use for the Common folks who love a bit of Fashion in daily life
    • We at Leather Clue believe Choosing the Right Style is Most Important.
  2. Comfort - Now wearing a Jacket is Classy but without comfort, it can become a Hellish Experience. We at leatherclue have kept this in mind while making our Leather Jackets. We use many different varieties of Leather to provide you with the Most Comfortable Wear.                                                                              Let us give you an idea of the Leathers we use :

    Buffalo Leather. The hardy leather, not only provides comfort.  But it is very good for daily and rough use. Goat Leather. The softest of all the leathers. We at Leatherclue present to you the choice of a soft Goat Leather. We promise any man would Love Wearing the Soft Leather. Pu Leather. The new discovery in the World of Leather. The Synthetic Leather is for all the PETA lovers. We at Leatherclue have kept in mind that all people Love Wearing Leather but Pu Leather offers hard and rough handling. Also being Synthetic any style of Jackets can be made with Pu leather. You can Gift them Pu Leather. Best of  Both Worlds.Sheep Leather: Finally exotic Leather. This is soft and a bit warm. Great for Winter Wear jackets.

  3. Color-We at Leather Clue Know that buying men leather jacket comes with a Color Handicap. So, we bring to you a large Variety of Colors Both Tradition for timeless appeal leather and Rare for those who prefer the cool urban look.                                                                                                                                                           We have 1.Traditional Color 2.Black Leather, Brown leather & Beige Leather. 3. You will also find Exclusive Colors: Blue & White
  4. Price - Now, as we have discussed the Style and Comfort of the Men's Jackets at leatherclue. Let us discuss the Price: We at Leather Clue Know that most Fashion costs a Lot. But we also believe that everyone is entitled to Good Fashion and Classy Jackets. So we had put out prices keeping this in mind. Our Men’s Leather Jackets Range from ₹3800 to ₹65000. So, the Commoners and The Rich and Lavish can choose and enjoy our Products. o this is what you must look for and What We at Leather Clue Provide.

Why Us?

A valid Question. Let us at Leather Clue answer this. Many of you may think that Why only Leather Clue.  It’s because we are Different than other online shops. We here at Leather Clue strive to achieve perfection in everything. Be it style fashion or Customer Service.

We do not think of the customer as just that. We perceive ourselves to be For You. We at Leather Clue believe that Customer Satisfaction is Above all.

So, we Strive to Change the Look of Indian Fashion in Leather Jackets and make customized leather jackets popular, But the Ultimate goal of Leather Clue is To Serve and satisfy you our Beloved Customer.