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leather jacket

leather jacket
Model: KR101
Product Info Score a dapper look this season with this leather jacket. It is a wear-anywhere piece that has been created using original leather to keep you comfortably warm. Meant to last a lifetime, this jacket will make you look smart no matter what you wear it with. Colour : Brown Inner ..
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Leather Clue the Best Leather Jacket Destination for You!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Guys and Girls want to find out how to look cool? Want to be the best dressed or the most poise in your circle? Want to impress the person of your dreams?

Look no further as we at Leatherclue have just the right solution for you! We bring just exactly what you need.


Yes, you heard us right. Just imagine a guy/girl walking into a restaurant or a mall wearing a Chic and Stylish Jacket. It changes the whole atmosphere there. The look, the coolness, the Swag defines the way the people around look at him/her if he was not wearing any jacket.

We at Leatherclue bring to you the best collection of chic and modern Jacket. Clothes are the first thing people see you wearing. Your clothes precisely define their thinking about you. Looking good and chic is the way of modern life in today’s World. But the fundamental problem is How to do so? Also where you will Buy Leather Jackets for men and Buy Leather jackets for women in India?

We at Leatherclue promise solve this problem for you. The Leather is the Classiest of all wears, and we have done the impossible. We at Leatherclue have managed to make Leather Even cooler. Our Leather Jackets for men and Leather Jackets for women are made just to make you chic.

Time is money nowadays. We at Leatherclue agree and respect your time. So we have solved this problem for you. Forget the hours spent walking around the Mall or the Eons wasted browsing the Web. Buy Leather Jackets online only at one site.


We provide the Best and the Classiest line of Jackets. We have the best Leather Jackets. Our Leather Wears are Comfortable but not lacking in Style. biker jackets, to Casual Jackets, to Party Wears, to Bomber Jackets Leatherclue, has all your options fulfilled.

Why choose us?

We at Leatherclue provides the best Collection. Let us give you the Tour.

Let's Begin with the Ladies.

Ladies all around the World prefer fashion, style. We at Leatherclue bring for all you ladies an exclusive line of Leather Jackets. Not just any jacket but a special range of latest Fashion Jackets online.

We bring you a wide range of Jackets for women like Black, Red, Brown, Beige, and Blue are the various colors provided by Leatherclue. Leatherclue are always ready to fulfill all your Demands (24x).

Let's see what we offer:

  • Women Special Jacket
  • Urban look Jackets
  • 4 Pocket  Leather Jackets for Women

For men, we have a new and exclusive line of looks. Jackets for men have always been the same old. But Leatherclue brings you Stylish Layered Outfits For Men And Women and if you Buy Leather Jackets in India mostly you will get the old and boring styles. But, if you choose to buy Leather jackets online, from the Leatherclue,

You get-

  • Mock Collar Jackets
  • Stylist Biker Jackets
  • Bomber Jackets
  • Casual Jackets for daily use
  • A special range of Party Wear
  • Special Leather Waist Coats

      Colors are not a problem for us we provide a wide range of leather products. Some rare and as well as Exclusive collections-

v  Traditional Colors

·         Black

·         Brown

·         Beige

v  Exclusive Colors

·         Blue

·         White

·         Some Fur installed for the Ladies too

Now let us give you an idea of comfort. Leatherclue believes in comfort before style. We have a wide range and Quality of Leathers used to make the Most Comfortable yet stylish LeatherJackets. We use :

  • Buffalo Leather             
  • Goat Leather
  • Pu Leather
  • Sheep Leather

Also for the PETA lovers, we have Faux Leather. You can love animals and your own Fashion sense and Style.

Wait. That’s not all. We have more.

You Don't Like Our Choice. Not to worry. We have a solution for that too. We, here at Leather Clue Have Custom Made Leather Jackets Available Just for You. Yes, you heard us right special Custom made Leather Jackets made Just for you by our special team of Designers.

Any style shape color texture. We will provide all types of Jackets. That too at a minimal price.

Talking about prices, Leatherclue decides its prices keeping in mind, the common man to the Rich and Lavish our Prices Range from ₹3800 to ₹65000. So even the Common man can look as chic as the Rich and Lavish.

What's Different?

Many of you may think that Why only Leatherclue. It’s because we are different than other Online Retailers. We here at Leatherclue strive to achieve perfection in everything. Be it style fashion or Customer Service.

We do not think of the customer as just that. We perceive ourselves to be for you. We at Leatherclue believe that Customer Satisfaction is Above all.

So, we Strive to Change the Look of Indian Fashion in Leather Jackets, But the Ultimate goal of Leatherclue is to Serve and Satisfy you.