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Leather Gloves

LeatherClue Gloves-The Modern Mans Gauntlet

Gloves have been a part of the social wardrobe since the middle Ages. Gloves have been with mankind for a long time now. At one point they showcased Class and were thought to be fit for the Nobles. But now standing in the 21st century the idea has changed.

Gloves are now a style statement. They are what we at LeatherClue like to refer to as everyone’s fashionable must-have accessory.

A pair of leather gloves not only keep hands protected but also provides elegance and grace. We at LeatherClue have introduced a brand new range of online leather gloves just for you. You can choose from the range of superb fashionable and colourful pairs.

A pair of hand gloves supposed to be worn on a regular basis under severe and harsh Conditions. We at LeatherClue use the best Quality of Leather to make our Gloves. The Gloves are made with premium quality Leather and have a great Elasticity and Tenacity.

Our online shop also has some of the best biker gloves with specially incorporated Groves for a better grip. The gloves leather clue provides is not only trendy but also comfortable.

We have taken into consideration the long durations of use of our leather gloves. So each pair of gloves are made to provide the most comfort to you the User.

We at LeatherClue are also aware of the affinity to offers. So we have brought for you our very own Combo offer. Yes, you can not only buy online leather gloves but also go for the combopair leather gloves offer. The gloves will not only be good for your hands but your pocket too.

 The Cash?

Speaking of Pockets, Leather Club has also taken into consideration the abysmal high prices one faces while opting to buy hand gloves online. So, we have kept our prices with the General public in mind. All our products, gloves, Biker Gloves, etc. have a very low price range of ₹700 to ₹800. We want everyone to be able to sport one of our black leather gloves.

 Why Us?

A question many may ask but has a simple answer. Why not us? We have tried for a long time now to bring the leather back into the Indian Market. Our newest lines of products like the Gloves have a wide variety of Feature no other online shop offers. Our leather is specially cured and made to keep your hands protected and also provide the most Comfort to you.

So, come try our online portal. We promise you will not regret the Choice.