A leather jacket for men is not just a piece of clothing, it is an asset. Just like any asset, it does not come cheap and lasts you for a lifetime. What makes leather jackets, even more special is that it only gets better with time. This iconic piece of clothing only looks better as it gets older as true leather exudes more style when broken in. Owing to its versatility, you can just casually throw it around your shoulder to up your fashion game. As amazing as this piece of garment is, you still have to pick the right piece to ensure that you bask in the bad-assery that these jackets have a reputation for. If you are ready to take the plunge, let us guide you through the five essential things you must check before you make this investment.

Leather Jacket Styles

Leather jackets for men generally come in five variations when it comes to style. Each of these designs emanates distinctively different styles so by picking the right style that suits you, you ensure that you have hit gold. It's important to know these styles and choose what compliments you best.

The most common and most iconic style is the double rider jacket or the biker's jacket. This wide collared, front zipped jackets with large lapels were made a rage by Marlon Brando in The Wild Ones and it has never gone out of style since. Embellished with buckles and zips these jackets have a strong look and is best for a casual look.

Another extremely popular style is the Bomber jacket. This style originated from military design. With elasticated bottom and cuffs, it's practical in its style. It has simple collar, front zip and pocket and its unassuming styling makes it a popular choice as it is suitable for a wide range of men.

Just like the bomber jacket, another style that originated from military design is the flying jacket. These were designed to keep the WWI pilots from freezing and if you pay attention the design still depicts practicality for that purpose. They are insulated to keep you warm, making them essentially a winter wear. They are cropped at hip making them easy to sit in and they often come with fur collar, which makes quite a bold statement.

Gone are the days when leather jackets were associated only with machos racing in motorcycle. However, a racer jacket has not missed a beat when it comes to fashion statement. This is a minimally designed jacket with little to no embellishments - only essentials. Usually the pockets are zippered with flap or no collar. These jackets are worn fitted so it might be trickier to carry for the men on the heavier side.

Another fitted style when it comes to leather jacket are the fencing jackets. These jackets are inspired by, well, the fencing jackets and have asymmetrical zipper. These are extremely fashionable and are popular with high end fashionistas. It is crucial to get the fitting of this right, so custom made leather jacket is the right way to go for this style.

Right Fit

Right fit is the mantra for any kind of clothing. A piece of garment can be as legendary as it gets but it will still fall short if it does not fit you well. Anything that fits well, gets easy to carry and oozes charm. Ideally, leather jackets are worn close fitted. What you must keep in mind is the fact that leather tends to stretch out over time as you wear it so it is often advised to buy one size smaller than your other outer garment. Zip, or button it up all the way up when you are in the trial room to ensure that the jacket sits snuggly on you. Custom made leather jackets are your best option to ensure that you are comfortable when you rock that style.

Type of Leather

Obviously the most important factor about a leather jacket is the leather itself. So, it is important that you know the skin that you are buying. Generally, leather made of the skin is more expensive than that made of hides. Leather from buffalo hide is a popular choice not only because it's economical but also for its durability. On the other hand, lambskin is luxuriously soft. A calfskin hits a perfect balance between the two, it's as soft as lambskin and long lasting at the same time. Other popular choices when it comes to leather jackets for men are shearling, pigskin, elk and the very stylish crocodile or alligator skin. They all have very distinct style about them so research them to know which matches your personal style.


When you are getting an investment piece, it's crucial that you pick out the right color. Well, the go-to colors for leather jackets are black or brown. Honestly speaking, you can barely ever go wrong with these two colors when choosing a leather jacket for men. If this is your first such buy, stick to these colors. Other really cool colors include midnight blue, burgundy and washed out black. However, we strongly suggest that you stay away from loud colors or gaudy patterns as they tend to look cheap.

Value for Money

Since buying a leather jacket involves a substantial amount of money it is important that you check a few things to make sure you are paying for the right stuff. Cheaper leather jackets are made of corrected leather which has a smooth texture like plastic as opposed to authentic leather which is soft and oily. Also pay attention to the top stitching. A good jacket will have thorough top stitching with thick threads. We also recommend that you check that the zippers are sturdy and smooth. Another thing you should absolutely look out for is the lining, cheaper jackets have synthetic lining which is the first things to come apart. Also, if you cannot afford a leather jacket just yet, we suggest that you save up to buy one instead of buying one of those faux leather jackets which are just not worth it.